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Hi, I’m Shannon - Your Laser Removal Specialist

I am a fully qualified laser treatment specialist with years of experience in all types of laser treatments.

I have been trained at the best schools for tattoo removal, hair removal and a broad range of skin treatments. I understand it can be a bit of a challenge getting laser treatment so you get a stress ball, a happy smile and constant chat when I work - apologies in advance for that!

Key to the many happy clients I have are the machines I use. They are the best on the market. I believe the best training and the best machines give the best results. My clients really appreciate the investment in the best equipment and the fact that I am qualified to help them with their laser treatment.

I use the Quanta Q plus C Evo laser machine for tattoo removal and various laser skin treatments. It’s one of the best laser skin treatment and tattoo removal machines there is and successfully removes black and all colours (most machines don’t) for tattoos over a period of 8 to 12 sessions depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. It's equally good at treating a wide range of skin issues. There are too many to list here for that - just go to my skin treatment page!

For hair removal, I use the Soprano Ice triple laser wavelength diode system - an amazing machine for hair removal on all skin types. It has an improved cooling system and a larger head, giving virtually no pain or discomfort and shorter treatments. 

I have achieved all the qualifications there are in laser treatments, researched the best equipment, and attended the best training schools. Three years later, I started work with a big investment in time and money. That was several years ago and always love to see the results achieved for my clients.

I would love to help you!

Book a FREE CONSULTATION, I will explain what can be achieved, the cost and undertake a patch test to make sure your skin is compatible. I cannot do anything until a successful patch test has been completed. Telephone or complete the short enquiry if out of clinic hours and I will call you back to book a suitable appointment time. 

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Hope to see you at the clinic soon!

Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist Shannon

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Book your FREE initial consultation today! There is no obligation; we will discuss options and I will perform a patch test to confirm suitability.

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