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Painless and Reliable Skin Treatments Across Chatham

Adorabella offers patients and customers in Chatham and Kent access to skin treatment solutions that are both safe and trustworthy, while also being competitively priced.

Prior to receiving treatment, we require a patch test and consultation to be completed in order to establish the cost of treatment. This price can be influenced by various considerations such as pigment, density and area of the body. A fee of £30 will be charged for the consultation but fortunately it is refundable when you schedule your initial session. We are delighted to offer ethical pricing principles that assure our clients of reasonable rates, open communication and competitive options.

After undergoing the initial consultation and patch test, additional details about the treatment plan can be obtained. For instance, information on the number of sessions required, associated fees per session and anticipated outcomes will be provided. The appointments can then be conveniently scheduled weekly or at other preferred intervals.

Although you may feel some sensation from the laser, the skin treatments are not painful with little discomfort throughout. 

Skin blemish
Skin freckles
Skin pimples

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Pigment Removal

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Our Laser Machine

Our Skin Treatment Machine

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Laser Skin Treatment

Our Laser Skin Treatment Service

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Serving clients from across Kent and the south east

Conveniently situated in Chatham, we are dedicated to offering top-quality and secure skin treatment options to clients and patients throughout Kent and the South East. Get in touch now for a confidential phone call with our welcoming staff and schedule your consultation and patch test at a time that works best for you.