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Trusted and Painless Laser Skin Treatment For Kent Clients

At Adorabella Laser, we provide customers and patients from across Kent and the South East with the safest, very best and most trusted skin treatment solutions for very affordable and competitive prices.

A patch test and consultation will be needed before any treatment can begin as skin treatment sessions will usually vary depending on density, the location on the body and colour. Consultations cost just £30 and the fee will be fully refunded upon the start of your first session. You will be given a firm and fair price during the patch test and the consultation and we pride ourselves on offering transparent, competitive and honest prices at all times.

So call us today on 01634 810628 to arrange your patch test and consultation at your convenience!

The patch test and initial consultation will tell you how many sessions it will likely take to treat the skin condition, the cost of each skin treatment session and what can be achieved. Sessions are provided either weekly or at your convenience and are always booked in advance. 

While you will feel the laser, the skin treatments are not painful and there will be very little discomfort or pain throughout.

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Serving clients from across Kent

Ideally located in Chatham, we specialise in providing customers and patients from across Kent and the South East with the finest and safest skin treatment services. Contact us today to have a discreet phone conversation with our friendly team and arrange your consultation and patch test at your convenience.