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Safe and Trusted Permanent Tattoo Laser Removal in Kent

If you want to have that embarrassing tattoo permanently removed, call Kent's experts at Adorabella Laser today! Working for clients throughout the South East from our facility in Chatham, we specialise in using the very latest technology and equipment to provide safe, trusted and effective permanent tattoo removal.

Before any treatment can begin, we would recommend an initial consultation and patch test as our permanent tattoo removal sessions will vary depending on the density, the colour and the location on the body.

An initial consultation will cost you £30, which will be fully refunded on your first tattoo removal session. You will also be given a fixed and firm price during your consultation too. So call us today on 07525 618536 to arrange your no obligation consultation with our friendly team. 

During your initial consultation in our Chatham premises, we will tell you the cost of each session, how many sessions it will likely take to permanently remove the tattoo and what can be achieved. Removal sessions are provided weekly or at your convenience and are always booked in advance, with it often taking between six and 12 sessions to safely, effectively and permanently remove a tattoo.

Permanent tattoo removal hurts less than you think!

While you will feel the laser, permanent laser tattoo removal isn't painful and you'll feel very little pain or discomfort. It certainly isn't anything like having the tattoo applied!

Permanent tattoo laser removal
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How does laser tattoo removal work?

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Our specialist laser tattoo removal Machine

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Serving clients from across Kent, South London and Medway

Based in Chatham, Medway, we have customers from across Kent, South London and the South East, with us regularly utilising our exceptional laser tattoo removal machine to safely, professionally and permanently remove tattoos for customers from throughout Kent. Contact us today to arrange your consultation and patch test.