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Semi-Permanent Makeup Removal

SPMU gone wrong?

Was you disappointed with the outcome of your eyebrows after being promised they would be the perfect match for your face? Are they to harsh, a different trend of eyebrows is in fashion, not in the right place or have the pigment changed colour over time?

I have successfully removed many eyebrows which wasn’t just quite right. Let me help you too.

Before and after SPMU correction
SPMU removal treatment

Over the past years Micro blading or eyebrow tattooing ( also known as SPMU) has become a massive trend, however some of the SPMU artists have been let loose on some peoples faces offering to give you the best brows.

So often they cant deliver due to lack of experience, bad training, poor quality inks or simply just not understanding what you would like. Some SMPU artists wouldn’t touch you if you had previous bodged up SMPU and that’s where i can help. I recommend having between 4-8 sessions of laser and then you can have you eyebrows put back on with a personally recommended SPMU artist.