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Trusted and Safe Laser Tattoo Removal in Rainham


Looking for tattoo removal services? Adorabella is your dependable and affordable option in Rainham and Medway. Our expert team recommends a preliminary patch test and consultation since the effectiveness of each laser session can vary depending on factors like colour, body placement, and design density.

A consultation will cost £30 but will be refunded on your first tattoo removal session. You will also be given a fixed and firm price during the consultation too. So call us today on 07525 618536 to arrange your no obligation consultation with our friendly team. 

At our Chatham clinic, upon your first meeting with us, we will discuss the estimated number of sessions required to remove your tattoo as well as associated costs and achievable outcomes. Sessions must be scheduled in advance and available to be arranged to fit your schedule or set weekly. Typically, it takes from six to 12 sessions for a successful and safe removal process.

Laser tattoo removal hurts less than you think!

Laser tattoo removal is actually a lot less painful than you might think! While you will feel the laser, there will be very little discomfort or pain and it's certainly nothing like having a tattoo applied!

Rainham Tattoo Removal
How does a tattoo removal laser work

How does laser tattoo removal work?

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Our specialist laser tattoo removal Machine

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Serving clients from across Rainham, Medway and Kent

From our base in Chatham in Medway, we treat customers from across Rainham and the surrounding region, with us regularly utilising our top-of-the-range laser tattoo removal machine to professionally, efficiently and safely remove tattoos with minimal pain and discomfort. Get in touch with us via our contact page, or call us at 07525 618536.